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Our Specialties

Casual Business Meeting

Business Consulting

We’ve been helping Western companies expand into the Japanese market along with Japanese companies aiming to expand in the West by setting up new offices and departments from scratch or saving failed attempts at breaking into the new market. We find solutions that are unconventional when taking on projects and show clients new approaches and perspectives.


Localization is one way to convert text from one language to another while staying true to original text's meaning and message. We actively wonder to ourselves how a native speaker of the target language in the target demographic would interpret the localized text and use that as our guide. Our company specializes in cultural differences in order to make the text in the target language as natural and appropriate for a native speaker as possible while staying true to the original text.

Designed Business Cards


Transcreation takes more time and thought than localization because we're not only thinking about producing translated text that sounds/reads natural to the native target, but it also has to give extra information and background that won't be understood due to cultural differences. A transcreation will use the original text and format as a base for the target audience and demographic, so the adaptation will give more insight into the original text's message. This is when our research, cultural knowledge, and writing skills really shine.


We have a team of skilled professional writers in English and Japanese, capable of taking any rough outline or idea you have and transforming it into a blog, article, document, or any other form of text you need, all from scratch. We're skilled at writing creative pieces and text for business purposes, like websites and promotional materials.

Writing on Tablet

Market Research

Market Analysis

One of our fortes is conducting research on a target market, which we can do on a small scale with target audiences/demographics and on a large scale with specific market sectors in a country or region. We have extensive experience doing research in Japan and around the world with methods such as field surveys for locally based projects as well as web-search-based research. We're able to find credible and reputable sources of data from which we can proceed with business or sales for our clients and/or partners who are less familiar with the necessary research tactics to make their products or businesses succeed in the most substantial way possible.

Foreign Candidate Recruitment

We have experience hiring hundreds of talented individuals for new companies in Europe, North America, and Asia. An important part of a company's success in a different country comes down to understanding what the local talent has to offer and what their expectations are. Acting as an intermediary for where the employer and foreign employees are coming from in communication and workstyle, we help to ensure that there's a smooth transition and pleasant work environment. We find the right match culturally and with the right skillsets. We also bridge gaps in communication for work expectations and how to work in a different country and environment.

Informational Interview
Q&A Seminar


We do seminars related to global business and foreign employee training — for Japanese employees in Western companies and Western employees in Japanese companies.

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