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Meet The Team

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Elle Kajiwara-Airey

Co-founder, Chief Consultant & Localization Director

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Elle is our motorcycle enthusiast and owns a Japanese castle on the snowy mountain peaks of Glen.


He's also an invaluable asset as a lead consultant for many a company. He started in the translation industry at the age of 15, and at the age of 21, he began his career as an independent freelancer, working in localization and interpreting for many companies in the gaming & entertainment industry. From there, he moved on to the business field for Japanese and Western companies, mainly in the games & entertainment industry. He's helped over 150 companies in Japan, Europe, and North America set up departments and new lines of business as well as fix failing ventures; he's also helped with negotiations, communication, and seminars for many more companies. Additionally, he's been a vital part of setting up new offices for over 10 companies, such as Mixi and Pole To Win, in major locations such as San Francisco and London.

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Christina Theodorakis

Co-founder, Localization Manager, Consultant & Music Composer

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A first-generation American to Greek immigrant parents, Christina grew up in a bilingual and bicultural household outside of Philadelphia. Greek was her first language until she learned how to read in English, which was about the time she discovered her passion for learning, and would read anything she could to garner knowledge. Her earliest memories are of singing and dancing, which she would continue to do throughout her life, and is a self-taught musician. She went on to work in digital marketing at several U.S. companies before moving to Japan in 2016 to pursue the multicultural career she had sought.


With 20 years of self-taught Japanese, 10+ years of marketing, and 10+ years of translation experience under her belt, she now helps to manage localization, consulting, and seminars, and enjoys being creative. She's also responsible for dealing with Wix.


When she's not working, she's usually cycling, playing games, reading, making tunes, or learning about something.

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Kaz Hattori

Japanese Writing & Editing Lead

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Kaz is one of our company musicians and an expert at Japanese writing. You'll usually find him with his guitar in hand serenading our team during virtual meetings. He also kind of loves The Beatles, England, and Malta.

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Aya Ohsugi

Japanese Localization & Sales Assistant

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Aya is one of our resident Beatles fans and a former pharmacist who's now responsible for Japanese writing and editing.

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Causes We Care About

We support a lot of different causes, but these are the main issues we care about:

  • Animal welfare & protection

  • Environmental conservation (climate change)

  • Gender equality

  • Human rights

  • Healthcare awareness

  • Mental health awareness

  • Ocean conservation

  • Racial equality

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