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Our Work

Our team of professionals has worked on lots of different projects throughout their careers and brought that experience to help our clients. In our short time as an established company, we've already worked with great partners doing what we do best: providing feedback, insights, data, and effective marketing text that gets companies the results that they were looking for and then some — even during a global pandemic.

Creative Design

Industries We've Worked With

We've worked with companies in the following areas:


We've localized product descriptions and customer support inquiries from Japanese so that they make sense to a Western consumer.


We've localized hotel websites, pamphlets, and e-mails to guests along with writing appealing descriptions online travel agency (OTA) websites. We also write responses to positive and negative reviews on OTA websites.

Gaming & entertainment

We've localized in-game text along with PR and marketing text. We can organize voice-over recordings and localization QA.


We've localized technical and corporate documents for B2B and websites, and we've negotiated business with foreign companies. We also do event-planning and management.

Human resources

We hold seminars to train Japanese and foreign nationals for international business. We help companies to find and hire foreign talent.


We've localized websites and menus to attract foreign customers. We help with the cultural differences with the menu items. We also write responses to positive and negative reviews by customers online.


We've planned for and coordinated company participation in trade fairs, setting up vendors at booths, scheduling flights, and supporting the company's schedule overall. We've worked at events in Seoul, Shanghai, Frankfurt, Paris, Barcelona, London, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and San Francisco.


We've worked with local and municipal governments in rural parts of Japan to create a plan and localize travel guide text into English.


We helped publish books in English and Japanese and can write from scratch in the same languages. Our experience also includes helping the Japanese news media to publish articles in English on international news outlets and writing articles on games for the media.

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