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  • Christina Theodorakis

The Truth Comes Out Post-Olympics

My last blog was about the extravagant amount of food being wasted at the Olympics after it was leaked to the press by a volunteer at the Tokyo Olympic Games in July. At the time, all that was known was that perfectly-good food was being thrown away simply because it hadn't been eaten — not because there was anything wrong with it or it was past the best-by date.

Last week, the Olympic Organizing Committee announced that over 130,000 meals were "lost" between July 3 and August 3 due to irresponsible organizers ordering more food than was necessary for the number of people actually working at the venues. The organizers claim that they'll strive to order the appropriate amount of food for the Paralympics, which are currently underway. One can only hope.

On the day that the Paralympics began on August 24, organizers said that about 100 meals out of 6,000 were thrown away. Even if they're throwing away fewer meals, they're completely failing to realize what good they could be doing for the community by donating those meals, but charity is not common in Japan. This is evidence of that. One hundred meals being thrown out is 100 too many.




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